May 20, 2024

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Give your residents the Ultimate Backyard Experience

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The outdoor amenities that were abandoned during the housing slump are now making a return.

Residents are always looking for ways to create a warm, inviting backyard atmosphere.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects and American Institute of Architects, permanent outdoor fireplaces such as fire pits and barbecues are popular among residential properties. AIA’s Second Quarter 2014 Home Design Trends Survey, which surveyed more than 500 residential architects, found that the demand for outdoor living areas was up by 33 percent compared to 2012. ASLA also reports landscape architects with a focus on residential design rate outdoor living spaces, which are defined as kitchens or entertainment areas. Fire pits and fireplaces received 97 percent of the votes, followed by grills with 96.3 percent. Outdoor seating and dining areas also scored highly.

Accent Pools’ account manager Johnny Kammerer in Arlington, Texas says that his company has seen a rise in outdoor amenities installed for cooking and staying warm over the past two to three years. Residents want to entertain in their own backyards or keep warm with a fire pit and grill.

A property with a swimming pool is a great addition to the amenities.

Kammerer said that it was important to have outdoor spaces where people could gather. There’s not much you can do once a pool is in the ground.

Built for the comfort and safety, outdoor amenities are designed to enhance residents’ lives.

The most desired built-ins are trendy, permanent units that can be fueled either by propane or gas. On patios or covered areas, fireplaces, grills, and fire pits can be placed to extend the living area. Sometimes string lights are used to create a festive atmosphere.

While maintaining aesthetics, the amenities are designed with safety for both residents and property managers in mind. The bases are usually made of native or cut stone. The energy is provided by propane tanks or gas pipelines. Fuel systems are often fitted with timers to prevent excessive and unnecessary usage.

Installing a charcoal barbecue can make life easier in some situations.

Kammerer stated that residents can use their charcoal.

Create the perfect backyard for your residents

Grill installations can vary in complexity depending on the home. Accent Pools offers outdoor installation services in addition to pool construction and landscape design. Kammerer says Accent Pools has installed large “L-shaped” systems with multiple grills.

A simpler solution to outdoor heating that provides a controlled campfire feel is equally as suitable. Sunken, small fire pits are a great way to get guests and residents together and share stories while roasting marshmallows. Gas or propane can be used in the same way as fireplaces to prevent a fire from getting out of hand.

Kammerer explained that the idea was to create an environment where residents could relax and enjoy their evening.

Kammerer recommends that there be enough seating for the property owner to choose from, whether they want heat installed in order to prepare food or warm their soul. The more comfortable the space, the more residents will enjoy it as a perfect retreat.

He said, “It is all about creating a perfect backyard feeling for the resident.”

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