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Buildium Pricing, Demo & Reviews (June 2023)

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Buildium, a property management software that is trusted by over 4,000 association managers and professional professionals, is one of most recognized names in the industry. The platform is an all-in one solution that promises to streamline communication between property managers and owners with tenants, and maximize efficiency. Read on to learn why Buildium is the best platform in its category.

A Platform Innovative That Gets Things Done

Buildium was founded by two property managers, who realized that they were spending too much time tracking data in spreadsheets. They wanted to simplify property management. This is one of top property management systems today, and it has been around for 16 years.

Buildium reviews confirm that the platform has strong accounting and management features, and is easy to use. The software is constantly improving and innovating to meet customer needs.

Buildium, like most other solutions in this category is cloud-based. You can access it from anywhere using the Buildium App or a desktop browser.

A Software Solution With Many Features

Buildium has a rich set of features and is constantly listening to its customers. We’ve listed the key features that make this platform stand out from its competitors. We supplemented our research by looking at Buildium customer reviews to be objective.


Buildium allows for one-click sync with websites such as Zillow Trulia Yahoo, Lovely and Apartment List. This gives you a unified overview of all listed/unlisted properties. This feature allows you to keep track of any upcoming vacancies and has complete control over the entire rental process.

Renting software with a free application means less paperwork and greater efficiency. You can customize applications, track their status and allow tenants to apply directly through your website. You can set them to automatically update, but you can edit the data manually. A Buildium review suggested, however, that the platform would benefit from a search based on application numbers. We agree.

Buildium also offers screening, allowing you to access criminal, credit and eviction histories of potential tenants. The option of e-leasing is also a great feature.

By choosing Buildium, you get a free website that is fully integrated. You can add logins for the portal, list units available, accept rental requests, and list them. This feature was praised by many Buildium reviews. If you want to include many visuals, a custom website with superior CSS might be a better option. You can also choose another option. TenantCloud review, for example, say that this software’s marketing website is fantastic. You might want to try it.

Buildium Accounting

Buildium is a top accounting software system. You can add notes and document transactions. The option to track tenant transactions is particularly popular with users.

It also automates calculations, converts work orders into invoices, manages online payments, tax filing and recurring payments. The reconciliations are perfect. To balance your books, you can reconcile individual transactions with bank transactions by pulling transactions from bank accounts.

Some Buildium reviews suggest that this feature does not work well and is not satisfactory. It shouldn’t affect mid-sized businesses, but it can cause problems for larger organizations who manage multiple units.

Buildium’s Accounting can also be difficult for those who are new to the field. When looking for alternatives to Rentec Direct, we came across Rentec Direct review that suggested the accounting function of this software was more user-friendly. The robustness of Buildium’s accounting makes it worth a few extra hours to get the hang of the software.

Business Operation

Buildium streamlines your day-to-day activities. The following is a list of the most important features.

Buildium Tenant portal

The Resident Center (or tenant portal) is an extremely useful feature. It provides accurate information to the property owner about the status of the property, which makes the job easier. Residents can pay their rent online, and the transaction history will be stored.

The portal allows tenants to submit maintenance requests, and monitor their status. Residents can also receive notifications and updates via the portal’s notice board. They will also be able to send emails and texts. The vendor’s communication with the resident will be documented.

It is possible to access the portal via desktop app or mobile app. However, one Buildium review stated that the app version was less intuitive than other apps. One potential downside of the portal is that you can’t edit the tenant information within the unit screen.

Owner portal

Owners can access financial statements, transaction reports, and other information through the portal. You can also upload documents such as receipts, leases and more.

Buildium reviews suggest, however, that the owner’s portal is not a popular feature, with many users finding the interface confusing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should abandon Buildium software for property management. You just need to give it some time to learn this feature.

Document Store

Document storage allows you upload unlimited numbers of documents (such as receipts, floor plans, leases or receipts). You may need to reduce their size and split them up into smaller pieces to upload.

This is a common complaint in Buildium reviews. There are better options for documentation, but Buildium has incredible features that make up the size issue.

Maintenance Requests

Buildium handles maintenance requests. Vendors can track maintenance requests from the initial request until completion. Vendors can be a little confused by the fact that they see all work orders and not just theirs.


Happy Inspector is a popular feature among users. Buildium reviews confirm that this feature has proven to be very useful. You can create customized templates to inspect the units on a regular basis, such as annually, quarterly or when a tenant moves out. All images and notes added to the inspection report are saved.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance can be offered online by vendors, and the system will track the insurance. Nevertheless, some users report that the ability to manage insurance for damage is limited.

A Simple and Intuitive Platform

Buildium is an online software that works on multiple platforms. There are also apps for Android and iOS. Buildium software reviews all agree that it is simple to use and expand. Its intuitive interface has a logical eco-system that maximizes productivity.

Buildium also eases the onboarding, ensuring that the transition is smooth and minimizes risks. They not only take care of the data migration, but also offer a customized training plan that focuses on your needs to get value out of your investment as quickly as possible. This service is not free.

Buildium Customer Service

Buildium provides technical support to all its customers via support tickets. The team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to resolve any issue in a timely fashion. You can expect a response within 24 hours if you submit a ticket.

Live support is available only with Growth and Premium plans. This service is ideal for those times when you require immediate assistance.

On-demand priority support is also available from the vendor. This particular option, while part of the Premium plan is also available with the Growth Plan.

Buildium pricing: Multiple plans with multiple add-ons

Buildium offers 3 pricing plans.

Basic is available for $52/month, and includes all the features you need to automate your daily business operations. This plan includes e-leases as an extra $5 per lease. Essential also provides basic tenant screening as well as applicant-paid basic screening.

Growth is priced at $166/month for growing companies and offers additional features, performance insight, and Buildium Support. This plan includes unlimited eLeasing, insights and analytics on performance, as well as premium tenant screening. Users of Growth have access to live telephone support. Priority support can be purchased, while onboarding is an additional fee.

Premium is priced at $479 per monthly and is a good option for businesses that are looking to grow. You’ll get a dedicated consultant to help you find new clients, access the open API, premium customer support and insights-to action. You also get access to Buildium Rewards, which gives you a 15% discount on Buildium.

All plans come with a free Buildium site, standard reports and ticket support. Prices are based on one unit. Each unit will increase the price. The subscription can also be customized to include different services (1099 electronic filing, Showings coordinator, Retail Cash Payments etc.). Some of these services may require an additional fee.

When comparing the Buildium price with the other software, it is quite expensive, particularly for small businesses. Buildium provides a 14-day free trial that you can use to determine if it is the right software for you. It takes only a few seconds to sign up. Buildium’s demo is another way to try out the software without committing to it financially.

Buildium Rewards allows you to save 15% more on your annual subscription, even if the vendor does not offer promotional discount codes. Discounts are based on residents’ use of the services you, as a vendor, provide through Buildium. You will receive 15% off your subscription if 30% of active leases pay over $100 with a credit card, and buy an insurance policy via the Resident Center. The 30% usage has to be maintained for the full 6 or 12 month subscription.

The Verdict

Buildium is a property management software which streamlines many tasks, from onboarding and accounting to rent collection. According to the Buildium reviews and our research, the platform can support the needs for property managers. It allows them to control their business completely without having to worry about repetitive tasks. It can be expensive, which is why it’s not recommended for small businesses.

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